ERSEA Service Plan (7 2016)

Eligibility Forms

2016-2017- Eligibility Verification Form
App.WorkContactSheet. REVISED (5-16)
Homeless Questionnaire ENG (REV 3-16)
Misrepresentation-Falsification Statement (REV 3-16)
Seasonal Wk Statement – SPANISH (REV 3-16)
Seasonal Wk-Statment Of Verif.-Eng (REV 3-16)
Self Employed Statement -ENG (REV 3-16)
Self Employed Statement- SPANISH (REV 3-16)
Sttmnt No Income- SPANISH (REV 3-16)
Sttmnt No Income-Eng (REV 3-16)
Verfication of Employment Form (REV 3-16)

Eligibility Procedures

ERSEA Eligibility Procedures QA monitoring 16-17

Recruitment Forms

2016-2017- KYLE Area Full Sheet Flyer-ENG–REVISED– CUT OFFS
2016-2017- KYLE Full Sheet Flyer Spanish-REVISED–CUT OFFS
2016-2017- KYLE half pg recruitment flyer- SPANISH
2016-2017- KYLE half pg recruitment flyer-Eng.
2016-2017- LCDC half pg recruitment flyer- Eng
2016-2017- LCDC half pg recruitment flyer–SPANISH
2016-2017- Lockhart-Recruit
2016-2017- Lockhart-Recruitment Flyer CUT OFFS- Spanish
2016-2017- LULING half pg recruitment flyer- Eng.
2016-2017- LULING half pg recruitment flyer–SPANISH
2016-2017- Luling-Recruit
2016-2017- Luling-Recruitment Flyer CUT OFFS- Spanish
2016-2017 San Marcos Half Sheet Flyers- Eng & Span
2016-2017- SM full pg recruitment- CUTOFFS- ENG
2016-2017- SM full pg recruitment- CUTOFFS- SPANISH

Recruitment Procedures

ERSEA Recruitment Procedures-Calendar 16-17

Selection Forms

Incomplete Applications List (3-16)
Ineligible List (3-16)
OverIncome List (3-16)
Selection meeting Accepted.list (3-16)
SelectionCommitteeMtg-Minutes (3-16)
SelectionCommitteeMtg-SignIn (3-16)
Waiting List- Income Eligible (3-16)

Selection Procedures

Selection committee procedures 16-17

Enrollment Forms

AWCDC Groundwater contamination–ENGLISH
AWCDC Groundwater contamination–SPANISH
CAI Denial,Suspension&Termination-ENGLISH
CAI Denial,Suspension&Termination-SPANISH
Child’s file Cklist
Code of Conduct 16-17
Code of Conduct-Spanish 16-17
ConfidentialitySign-in Dismissal procedure–ENGLISH & SPANISH
Family Assessment Partnership Plan-ENGLISH
Family Assessment Partnership Plan-SPANISH
Home Based Program Agreement–SPANISH
Late pick up procedures–ENGLISH
Late pick up procedures–SPANISH
LSP Assessment parent certificate for pedestrian safety
Parent Handbook Receipt
Parent Involvement Brochure Spanish
Parent Involvement Brochure
Parent Emergency Evacuation Information.2016
Parent Emergency Evacuation Info-Spanish.2016
Permission to Collect Data–ENGLISH
Permission to Collect Data–SPANISH
Permission to Exchange Confidential Information Cheat Sheet Reminders
Permission to Exchange Information Cheat Sheet Reminders Spanish
Problem Solving.Grievance sig–SPANISH
ProblemSolving.Grievance sig–ENGLISH
Proceduresreleasechild sig. ENGLISH & SPANISH
WIC Form-Building for the Future.enrollment packet.2016.english.spanish
WIC-Fact-Sheet 2016 WIC-Fact-Sheet Spanish 2016

Enrollment Procedures

EHS Enrollment Procedure 16-17
EHS Home Based Enrollment Procedure 16-17
EHS Pregnancy Enrollment Procedure 16-17
EHS Re-Enrollment Procedure 16-17
HS Enrollment Procedure 16-17
HS Re-Enrollment Procedure 16-17

Attendance Forms

Absenteeism Referral Form (3-16)
Attendance Contract-General (3-16).doc
Attendance Update (3-16)

Attendance Procedures

Attendance Procedures 16-17

Transition Forms

Transition – EHS New Enrollee
Transition –  EHS Re-Enrollment
Transition- HS  New Enrollee
Transition  HS -Re-Enrollment
Transition EHS PEP to Community Plan
Transition into Head Start Child with Special Needs
Transition Plan 30 Months – Eng
Transition Plan (Classroom to Classroom)
Transition Plan Site to Site

Transition Procedures

EHS 30 Month Transition Procedure 16-17
EHS to HS Transtion 16-17
EHS Transition of PEP Children to Community Site Procedure-7-2016
Site  to  Site Transition Procedure 7-2016
Transitions  Classroom to Classroom Procedure 7-2016