Student Portfolio


Student Portfolio Development begins at orientation. The purpose of the student portfolio is to provide a clear picture of student participation and progress.

Teachers and students typically work together to build portfolios. Students select classroom work that represents their interests and progress; teachers maintain all pertinent forms and updates.

Portfolio information is confidential. No information should be shared with students or other parties, unless a written agreement to do so has been provided by the student. Files should be maintained in a locked cabinet.

Student Portfolio Contents:

Registration Forms

The Registration form is completed the day that the student attends new student orientation and/or enrolls in the program. The registration form is good for one fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Returning students must complete a new registration form each program year.

A copy of the registration form should remain in student portfolios; another copy should be sent to the main office for entry into the TEAMS database.

Progress Forms

Progress forms may be completed at any time throughout the program year, when students are assessed and/or accomplish goals. One copy of this form is maintained in the student portfolio; another copy is sent to the main office for entry into the TEAMS database.

Exception to the 60-Hour Rule for Student Assessment

Students that are tested before completing 60 hours of instruction must have the bottom portion of the progress form completed and the appropriate documentation added to the student portfolio.


The CAI Goals form helps students to identify short term and long term goals. This form is then used by staff to complete the goals section on the registration form.


BEST Literacy
TABE 9 & 10
GED Practice Tests
Lesson-based Tests
Official GED Records

Notes/Referrals Page

This is a place to record information that might be helpful to other adult education staff for communication purposes and in completing progress forms, i.e. “9/21/08 – Lara contacted the center to let us know she will be out for 2 months or longer to assist a sick relative.”

Student Work

The items in this section should demonstrate student progress, i.e. writing samples and/or math problems that are the same or similar completed at 2 different times of the program year. One of the easier ways to do this is to have students do journal writing activities every day of class. If a student leaves unexpectedly, you will still have a collection of writing samples to pull from.

Goal Setting

Some form of goal setting (in addition to the Goals Form) should be evident in all student portfolios. This may be represented with a worksheet that is completed at orientation or in class, a journal entry, or any other format that is usable for both teachers and students. Student goals should be revisited and updated throughout the program year.

Student information

Anything that assists teachers in understanding the educational background of students can be kept in this section. Examples: Withdrawal records, court orders, learning disability diagnoses, certificates, awards, etc.

Portfolio Requirements for 16 & 17 Year-old Students

See Student Eligibility Policy