• It is important to advertise that classes are free
  • Provide billingual fliers to schools for children to home to parents
  • Provide billingual fliers at community sites: libraries, churches, health clinics, workforce centers, local school districts (for drop outs), etc.
  • Announce program opportunities on local radio and TV stations and in newspapers
  • Send postcards to potential students to remind them about upcoming new student orientations (based on sign up list)

Maintain Visibility

  • Work closely with collaborators and partners such as the Texas Workforce Center, Head Start & Even Start Programs, etc.
  • Provide presentations for partners and collaborators (i.e. Head Start parent meetings)
  • Work with family advocates of Even Start and Head Start programs to recruit parents of HS/ES children
  • Send e-mail updates to all partners and collaborators on a regular basis

Maintain a Quality Program

  • Create a welcoming learning environment
  • Provide good instruction – student satisfaction is the best marketing tool