Progress Form Instructions


Progress forms can be completed at any time after student enrollment/registration. More than one progress form can be completed for a student during the Program/Fiscal Year (July 1-June 30).

Student contact information changes

Phone numbers and address changes are updated here.

Progress Assessments

All assessments administered after the initial baseline assessment (even if the student does not demonstrate progress) should be documented on a Progress Form


Student accomplishments, such as GED completion, job obtainment, and language skill improvement are documented here. Check all that apply.

Separation Reason

Indicate why a student stopped attending classes. Students that attended through the last month of scheduled classes are considered “not separated”.

Exception to 60 Hour Rule

If the student is progress tested prior to completing 60 hours of instruction, complete the bottom section of the Progress Form and indicate the reason for an early assessment.

*Completed progress forms are routed to Terri Schiemenz on a monthly basis (by the 10th of each month). Make a copy for the student portfolio; send the original to the main office.

*Progress Forms are located in Forms & Reports