Professional Development


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  • All adult educators must complete 12 clock hours of professional development annually.
  • All adult educators new to adult education must complete 6 hours of pre-service professional development before they begin working with students.
  • Directors, teachers, and supervisors without Texas Teacher Certification must attend 12 additional hours of professional development each year until they have completed either 6 hours of adult education college credit or attained 2 years of adult education experience.
  • Records of professional development must be maintained by Community Action, Inc. and be accessible for monitoring.
  • Professional Development Verfication Forms are used to record professional development participation in activities not sponsored by Project GREAT or Community Action, Inc.
  • Professional Development Reflection forms are used in addition to the Professional Development Verification forms for self-paced and less formal professional development options such as Internet research, book reviews, teacher study circles, etc.
  • Completed Professional Development Verification Forms and Professional Development Reflection Forms must be turned in to your supervisor by June 30th of each year. See Selecting & Reporting Professional Development below. These forms can be found in Forms & Reports.

Community Action, Inc. will pay staff for their time and travel necessary to achieve required professional development hours for the program year. Locations and topics for all professional development must be pre-approved by your immediate supervisor.

Adult education staff members are encouraged to attend more professional development activities than required, particularly if they choose to participate in statewide initiatives such as the Teacher Credential or year long academies sponsored by the GREAT Centers. The Program Director will consider payment for these professional development activities on a case by case basis. Prior approval from the director is required for payment of professional development hours beyond the state requirement.

Selecting & Reporting Professional Development

Project GREAT Workshops & State Initiatives

Community Action, Inc. Adult Education In-Services & Workshops

Record your participation in the following Professional Development Options on the Professional Development Verification Form.

  • Regional, State and National Conferences

TALAECOABETESOLTexTESOLTexas LEARNST-CALLLiteracy TexasLiteracy Coalition of Central Texas

  • College or Community Education Courses
  • School District in-service trainings

Record your participation in the following Professional Development Options on the Professional Development Verification Form & the Professional Development Reflection Form

  • Internet Classes & Research
  • Books & Articles
  • Organized Teacher Study Groups