Lesson Plans


Lesson plans should be in place for every class that is taught in the Community Action, Inc. Adult Education Program. The Community Action, Inc. Adult Education Lesson Plan Form can be used “as is”, or as a guide for developing lesson plans. Evaluators, program administrators, and substitute teachers should be able to easily determine what has been taught, and what is currently being taught in any given class at any given time. Lesson plans should be maintained in labeled notebooks or binders in chronological order.

Lesson plans may be developed for each day of class or for the week of class. The Monthly Instructional Report should provide a summary of your lesson plans for the month. All site coordinators and/or area coordinators must submit a report based on this information by the 10th of each month.

Lesson plan information is the essential first step in the reporting process for the CAI Adult Education Program. The following chart outlines the information gathering and reporting process for CAI.