Attendance Policy


Tracking Student Attendance

Attendance should be tracked in two ways:

  1. Students sign in each time they attend class.
  2. Teachers maintain a roster of students to record number of attendance hours each day.

*Encourage students who use various first and last names to choose one combination, and to use that name every time they sign in.

* Record student hours in quarter-hour increments, rounding up or down as appropriate.


  • 1 hour and 12 minutes = 1.25 on the Attendance Roster
  • 2 hours and 34 minutes = 2.5 on the Attendance Roster

*Orientation hours count as student attendance hours

Attendance Reporting

Contact Terri Schiemenz for your site’s Attendance Roster if you are unable to download it here. All sites must report attendance with this Attendance Roster beginning 9/2007.

Attendance Rosters should be sent to Terri Schiemenz by the 10th of each month by email. Please do not send rosters through the mail.

Record Keeping

Maintain original Attendance Rosters on site in binders that are clearly labeled and accessible for reference and monitoring purposes.  Copies of Attendance Rosters may be maintained in lesson plan binders and/or in a determined site location.  Student records are maintained for 5 years.