San Marcos Seniors



“I can’t stay away from here,” says Maria, a regular at the San Marcos Senior Citizens Center for the past four years. “I’m happy here. I have no complaints about this place or the ladies working here…they’re real nice.”

The San Marcos Senior Citizens Center is growing in popularity. Nearly 30 seniors visit the center each day to eat breakfast and lunch, socialize and participate in activities. The center provides a much needed and appreciated place for seniors to gather with their friends and get out of the house. When Maria first started coming to the center she was struggling with depression and experiencing suicidal thoughts. The center will occasionally bring in social workers to talk with the seniors and they helped Maria realize that she still had joys in life to live for.

Center activities include field trips, light exercise and memory or repetition games. These games in particular have helped Victoria. Victoria had forgotten numbers and through the games she regained that memory and can recite numbers once again.

The staff at the Senior Citizens Center continues to bring joy into the lives of the seniors that attend. They make them feel valued, appreciated and respected and the seniors do not hesitate in expressing their gratitude. Frank says, “I thank God that we have this place and that [the staff] cares about [us]…This is very helpful to us. Viola’s (the center director) attitude and the other people that are here is wonderful.” Another woman agrees. “I am very comfortable here…it’s like I am at home. Everything is beautiful here the way that people make me feel.”