Prescription Assistance


Prescription Assistance Program provides for maintenance prescriptions by utilizing the free prescription programs operated by the major pharmaceutical companies to meet the needs of uninsured Hays County residents.

The program provides access to currently existing free patient assistance programs operated by the major pharmaceutical companies.

The program takes referrals from area physicians, screens patients to check for eligibility, and then sets up appointments to meet with eligible patients. Staff members then gather required information from patients and complete appropriate pharmaceutical company applications. Applications are tracked to confirm that patients are receiving their medication, and patients are contacted when it is time to reapply to the pharmaceutical companies.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. By appointment.

Counties Served: Hays

Prescription Assistance Program Coordinator
101 Uhland Rd, Ste. 107
PO Box 748
San Marcos, TX 78667
(512) 392-1161 Ext. 301
Fax: (512) 396-4255