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Policy Council members make a difference in lives of Head Start children and families.

Head Start Program Policy Council is made up of current parents and community representatives.  The Policy Council provides opportunities for parents in the planning, conducting, and administering of the Head Start program in accordance with the Head Start Performance Standards.

Participating in the Head Start Policy Council is an opportunity to have a positive effect on children and families and want to express your thoughts and ideas.

Being a member of the Policy Council is about improving life; your life, your child’s life and the lives of all families in our program.  You have a voice and the more you learn, the more you can share.  Members of Policy Council represent all of the parents enrolled in the Program.  Policy Council members participate in fundamental aspects of the Head Start program, such as:

Program development
Grant proposal  development and approval
Policies and procedures
Recruitment, selection and enrollment
Personnel recommendations

Being an active parent volunteer means everyone wins: child, parent, family and community.

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2015 – 2016 Officers


S.Parten  Ramos
Sherra Parten
Elizabeth Reyes
Judith Ramos
Judith Ramos
Victoria Burgos
CAI Board Representative
Ashley Leal