We will assist you with your Head Start and Early Head Start applications.

Please bring these things with you:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Immunization records most up to date
  3. Medicaid, CHIP or Insurance Card
  4. All Family’s income verification for the past year 2016 or past 12 month period (Eligibility based on age, income & working and/or school). See Head Start Definition of Income

Bring all the income documents that you have from last year from the list below:

  • Most recent Income Tax Form (1040)
  • TANF (AFDC) check or letter current
  • Most recent W-2 Forms, Employer Statement or Pay Stubs from all jobs
  • Supplement Security Income (SSI) check or letter, Social Security, Unemployment benefits, Disability Benefits
  • Financial Aid Award letter
  • Child support, Military pay and allowances

Employer Verification forms available if needed.

Foster and Kinship Parents: Bring your placement letter.

Head Start Application – English

 Head Start Application – Spanish

For additional questions please email: