Elizabeth and Yaretzi


IMG_0333Yaretzi, now two years old, began attending our Early Head Start Program at Lockhart CDC in September of 2013. Elizabeth, Yaretzi’s mother, knew about the program from sending her older daughter, Itza, who is six years old, to Lockhart CDC three years ago. Elizabeth says that she first found out about the Early Head Start program from friends and family who encouraged her to enroll her children in the program.

The biggest way that the Early Head Start Program has helped Elizabeth is through the support that they offer. Elizabeth, whose own parents help her out by picking up or dropping off her two girls at school sometimes, says that the staff at Lockhart is, “like a family”.

Specifically, Elizabeth, who is pursuing a degree in bilingual early education from Texas State University, knows that she can count on the teachers at Lockhart when life gets too busy between the responsibilities of being a student and a mother to two young girls. The staff at the child development center remind Elizabeth when Yaretzi needs to have a check up with the doctor and have even helped Elizabeth take care of her own medical needs. They reminded her about getting a meningitis shot that she needed to attend school and even offered to send someone with her to the appointment. The Early Head Start staff also referred Elizabeth to our health clinic, which she has since visited.

Elizabeth and her family have also found the parent information sessions offered at Lockhart CDC to be very helpful. Specifically, she has learned a lot about how to deal with Yaretzi’s picky eating, a problem she did not encounter with older daughter, Itza. The Lockhart CDC staff has also been working with the family on potty training, and Yaretzi, under the “two week contract” now says when she needs to use the restroom. The Early Head Start staff have also helped Elizabeth find and set up a proper car seat for Yaretzi.

Beyond all the specifics that the Early Head Start staff have done to help out this family, the level of support they offer is invaluable. Elizabeth knows that, “if I had a problem I could come to one of them”.