Elijio grew up in a very large family with seven sisters and nine brothers. As a child, he only passed second grade but even then he and his siblings would only go to school for a month or two at a time before leaving to go work in the fields. “We were working in the fields all the time. I worked hard since I was seven years old.” Because Elijio only had a couple years of formal education, he never learned how to read or write.  Elijio’s illiteracy had a negative effect on his life. He was unable to fill out forms, and he never paid much attention to street signs.

Elijio started taking ESL classes at the Kyle Learning Center last year after he retired. “I really wanted to learn how to read…I said, well I’m gonna try it. I don’t think it’s never late.”Elijio admits that learning how to read and write is more difficult than he thought it would be, but that isn’t stopping him from trying.  “I keep going…I don’t give up.”

Since he has started to learn to read, life has become a little easier for Elijio. He is able to read more of the forms that he has to fill out and it is easier to navigate around town now that he can read the street signs. After he has learned to read, Elijio would like to learn how to use the computer so that he can go to school to become an automotive technician.  Elijio appreciates the kind and dedicated instructors at the Kyle Learning Center for being so patient as he works to achieve his goal.