Alexa first became a GED student when she was 15. Ten years and five children later, she earned her GED after working with the dedicated Community Action staff.  Alexa quit when she was 18 and had her first child. Over the next 6 years, Alexa would return to Workforce Solutions for a period of time before taking time off with each new child. It wasn’t until after the birth of her fourth child that she felt like the time was right to get it done. “That was when I finally had the push, like, to do it.”

Alexa returned to class in January 2012 with more determination than ever before to complete her GED. After initial hesitation and self-doubt, she took her first exam in May. She passed, and after successfully clearing the first hurdle she had the confidence that she needed to move forward and take the remaining four exams. Alexa passed her final exam in October 2012.

Raising four children while working towards her GED was not an easy task, but Alexa had a strong support system in her family and the staff at Workforce Solutions.  Her teacher, Tim, has been an incredible source of motivation for her. “Tim, he never gives up on me… And he’s the one who’s gotten me this far…he has gotten me to where I am today and the person I am today…He pushed me and he would tell me…you can do it, you can do it. ” 

Earning her GED has given Alexa a newfound sense of empowerment. “Now even if I go into the bank, just to cash a check, I’m like, I could work here now! I can really work here. A couple weeks ago I wouldn’t be able to work here because I wouldn’t have any education. But now I can actually say, hey, I have my GED can I put an application in? And before I couldn’t do that.”

Alexa radiates confidence in herself and has a vision for her future that she didn’t prior to receiving her GED. She now plans on attending nursing classes at ACC and transferring into a program at UT to become either a midwife or an Ob/Gyn. Workforce Solutions has helped her navigate through that process. She learned about courses and degrees offered at ACC and UT as well as financing options that are available to her. Her children inspire her to keep pushing towards her goals. “My kids, they keep me going, they really do. They really do keep me going and wanting to do this, ‘cause now I can tell them, ‘Mommy got her GED. I got it, I did it, but you do it the easier way. I did it the hard way, now you do it the easier way. “

2014 Update: Alexa is now in the ACC Registered Nurse Program and recently served on a panel at an ACC event for GED students who are looking into community college opportunities.